10. Your car needs detailing after your dog sheds 1/2 his coat during the car ride to the clinic.
9.  Your darling Persian, Sweetie Pie, releases every body fluid whenever she is in her carrier.
8.  Your ears are ringing from your precious, barking baby.
7.  You try to bring all your dogs to the clinic at once and turn into a human Maypole.
6.  You have to schedule a Dr. appointment for yourself after ‘freaked out’ Fido scratches and bites you during his panic attack.
5.  You can’t figure out how to round up all of your kids – furry and not furry.
4.  You feel like you need a tranquilizer for you and your pet in order to survive a visit to the veterinary clinic.
3.  You think your Lab is going to stroke out when she can’t meet and greet every animal and person in the waiting room.
2.  There is so much hiSSing in the cat carrier, you swear Peaches has turned into a viper.
1. There are not enough car fresheners to mask the smell of anal glands.