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Paws’ Fact #6: Communication is key

Paws’ Fact #6: Communication is key

Having previous veterinary health records + current health history prior to housecall exams is critical for quality medical care. We have simplified the history form, so clients may share pertinent physical and behavioral concerns, ask for prescription refills, and...


What are the advantages of having a Veterinarian come to my home instead of me taking my pet to them?

Everyone gets nervous when you go to the doctor’s office, so if we can reduce stress and anxiety in you and your pet by bringing veterinary care to your home, then we can evaluate your pet’s true ‘picture of health’.

  • No pet carriers required
  • No unpleasant car rides with howling passengers
  • No tangled leashes in the parking lot
  • No barking dogs in the waiting room
  • No racing heart rates or panicked panting
  • No exposure to sick or other contagious animals
  • No hair-raising or fur flying experiences while waiting in the exam room
Do I need to make an appointment? How far in advance do I need to contact you?

Yes, appointments are required. The more advanced notice you can give us when booking your appointment, the more scheduling flexibility we can provide. Appointments are available Mon-Wed & Fridays with limited special appointments available some Saturday mornings.

What services are not available during a housecall visit?

Paws at Home will help you assess your animal’s health, but there will be times where your pet may need to be referred for advanced treatments such as surgery, dentistry, x-rays, hospitalizations, and emergency care.

Where would I be referred for other veterinary services?

Our community has a number of good options for quality veterinary care. We can also refer to one of the 2 veterinary teaching hospitals in our region for more specialized medical treatment. Paws at Home will assist you in deciding which option is right for you.

Will I be able to get medications as well as heartworm and flea/tick preventatives?

Yes.  For our current patients, we are able to offer prescription medications and prescription diets.  Your pet must have been examined by Dr. Kristin within the last 12 months in order for Paws at Home to be able to dispense prescriptions.

Can I call if my pet has an emergency?

Depending on the type of emergency, we may not be the most appropriate option, but we can advise current clients on what steps you should take. If the emergency is life-threatening and you require immediate assistance (examples – Hit By a Car, Toxin Exposure, Broken Bone, Comatose, Non-stop seizing, etc…), please call one of the local veterinary emergency services.

How often should my pet be seen by a veterinarian?

Puppies and Kittens will initially require monthly visits (2-4 months old) for appropriate health monitoring and vaccinations. Adult animals should be seen yearly for health exams, preventative health care, and vaccination counseling. Senior animals (over 7 years old) will benefit from health screenings every 6 months, since they age and change more quickly at this point in their lives. Prevention of disease and earlier diagnosis and intervention with health issues are the keys to making happier and healthier pets!

Do you perform euthanasia in the home?

Yes. When the time comes to say goodbye, we can assist you with compassion in the comfort of your own home.

How much does a housecall cost?

Quincy residents will be charged a housecall fee  whenever Paws at Home provides home veterinary care for your pet. For other Illinois communities in our area, the housecall fee will be determined based on the distance from our base office (i.e. mileage).

The housecall fee is charged per household. In other words, you will be charged one housecall fee if we examine 1 or all of your pets. Physical examinations, vaccinations, lab tests, medications, and other items will be charged in addition to the housecall fee. Please note that the housecall fee will be charged even if the pet is ‘missing’ at the appointment time and we are unable to examine.

We are happy to provide you an estimate prior to your appointment.

What payment options do you offer?

Paws at Home requires payment at the time of services. We accept cash, personal checks and Venmo. For a small service charge, we will also accept credit cards. We are unable to offer delayed billing.

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