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Appointments times available: 

 Monday: 8am-5pm
 Tuesday: 1pm-5pm
 Wednesday: 8am-5pm
 Thursday: CLOSED
 Friday: 8am-5pm
 Saturday: By appointment only
 Sunday: CLOSED

Please call 217-279-4500 to set up an appointment time that is convenient for you. You may also contact us by e-mail at

Facebook – NOT the best way to reach us.
While the “messenger” feature on Face-book is available to use, it is not the best way to reach us, as it is not checked on a regular basis.

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Food & Medicine Pickup Location

2208 N Wilmar Drive, Quincy, IL

Food & Medicine Pickup Location

Food & medicine orders may be picked up ta 2208 N Wilmar Dr.

There is a side door near the garage where orders will be placed. Payments may be dropped off in the locked mailbox.

Pickup location